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Safari Style – Accessorise from the Jungle

I would not exactly describe myself as a leopard skin kind of girl….Perhaps it was growing up with Bett Lynch on the British Soap “Coronation Street” that swayed my opinion…. so when it comes to the idea of safari style I am probably more “Ernest Hemmingway” than “Tarzan of the Jungle”.

Whilst it is not the purpose of this post to give you a lesson on making your home look like a safari camp decked with Blunderbuss’, and trophy skins… nor to produce a barrage of Ralph Lauren styled shoots, I have stumbled upon a few cute little items which could be used to accessorise and add a subtle hint of safari to your home or kids space…… Not a drop of blood in sight….!!!  Happy cruelty free hunting!

Savannah Story Busts

If you like the idea, but not the “actual” product of an animal head adorning your walls, you could try these somewhat cheaper papier mache Savannah Story Busts from Anthropologie.  They are possibly a bit easier to get through customs as well!!!

If you have limited wall space, or prefer that your wall hangings to have a purpose, then how about these encased hooks from Anthropologie….. perfect to hang up your handbag ….or even that Blunderbuss…. after a long day of hunting the shops or jungle…..

Supporting the Traditions

For those of you who have a little social conscience then Tractor Home may be the perfect place for you to start.  Tractor Home is an Australian based wholesaling business selling a wide range of gifts and home wares from Africa and its surrounds.

(source thedesignfiles.com)

Most products are produced by the local crafters who artistically turn trash into amazing objects for the rest of the world to enjoy (so perfect for the up cyclists amongst you).

“By marketing these products Tractor Home is creating employment for disadvantaged communities where there is a high level of poverty and unemployment. These communities have no backup from social services and rely on our selling their goods so that they can survive. All artisans and craft people are paid fairly, at a rate that they agree on. All products are hand crafted and therefore each piece is unique. Tractor Home is attempting to empower the lives of these people who creatively produce these products.”

Here are a few examples of the “Shady Bird” lighting range….porcupine spines…

 Unfortunately Tractor Home is wholesale only but you can purchase through Safari Living.

Or for those wanting something a little softer…. these fab embroidered pieces from Heartworks Stitching Club in Cape Town are one of their popular finds!  Each piece is embroidered and appliqued completely by hand, ensuring no two designs are ever exactly the same.  This inspiring initiative now employs and empowers many local women in Cape Town.

So are you Ernest Hemmingway or Tarzan????

For those of you who would like a little more Ernest Hemmingway then how about this Safari Chair from Thomasville…….

For those who are eager to unleash the Tarzan from within…you could go a Elson&Company bold fake zebra print rug…..

Whatever your style enjoy the hunt…..

On with the colourful journey…….

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