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If you are looking for an idea to cover up the walls, or make a statement then look no further than your dinner plate.  If you are struggling with the diet then why not take away the vessel that holds all that keeps you from loosing those couple of extra pounds and relocate it to another use…. below are a few simple ideas to inspire….


A headboard with a difference ( although you need to place them a little higher than your head as you may be wearing your dinner plates during the night!)

Not just for the adult rooms, choosing colours to match you child’s room will also work well….just like the picture below, you can even mix it up with a bit of typography, by adding letter in the mix or even adding them to the plates themselves!.

The Kitchen

If you are struggling for cupboard space to store your best china then why not display it on the kitchen walls…. or use it to frame a window…..

You don’t just have to stick to the French shabby chic look….. below they have used brightly coloured retro plates to give a fresh vibrant retro look to a more modern style kitchen….

Colour Blocking

You can use the plates to accent one or two particular colours which match your room, whether it be a subtle and neutral white…….

…or if you are feeling a little blue……..

……..Or a little citrus zing……..


You can use it to showcase the things that you love, or your interests…. from a floral rose collection…..

…or inspiration and collections from your travels…..

…your love for wildlife, flora and fauna…….

Putting your words on your plate…

Use typography to say it on a plate…..

 …….you could put the alphabet on plates to circle the top of the walls in a childs room…. Such as Just Noey alphabet plates below

 Or for something a little bit different….Faking Plates

Whilst the following picture isn’t exactly plates… they have used fabric remnants and stretched them into embroidery rings.  The perfect way to use up old pieces of fabric, or get in a bit of up cycle to cover up the walls.  You could change the fabrics to suit your bedroom, stairwell or your children’s room…. love it, so simple!

If clutter is not your thing and you prefer the picture rather than the dusting then Netherlands based Studio Ditte have launched a range of porcelain plate wallpaper….. possible best used in small amounts…. but you would never have to worry about chipping your walls!!! And the wallpaper is washable!!! It is also available at Lark Store.

…. or these laser cut plates the ultimate in up cycling those plates which are beyond repair….. from Blue Missy

or these wall plates by Chik Design….The plates are ceramic plates cut with water jet…..

Did you ever think that the humble dinner plate could be such a Styling tool??? …………..On with the colourful journey.

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