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Paper and Felt – Siba Sahabi

Based in Amsterdam, with roots from Germany and the Middle East, Siba Sahabi’s draws upon her inspirational heritage and to create ceramics of a different form.  No clay in sight, these are made from felt and paper.  Some are made from wallpaper, which Sahabi believes is stronger and has a greater resistance to the damaging effects of light.

I just love the creativity, and the hours of care that goes into making something like this. Even down to the detail of the grooves, which are set to mimic the traditional circular grooves created by the ancient tool of the potters wheel…(although I have to be honest my two attempts on a potters wheel never got the grooves this perfect…. I always ended up with something very abstract with far too many air bubbles making it bound to explode in the kiln!)

Here are some of Sahabi’s pieces, my personal favourite is the “Bucchero” which is made from wallpaper, let me know your thoughts.

Between Two Rivers – Felt

Between Two Rivers – Felt

It is also really effective that the colours of the felts match the ageing vessels which they mimic..

Istanbul Twighlight – Felt

Kerameikos – Paper

Bucchero – Wallpaper

Bucchero – Wallpaper

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