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Great Gatsby Rugs Up – Catherine Martin

Director Baz Luhrmann, famed for films like Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliette and Australia has recently filmed the Great Gatsby in Sydney, and as with many of the aforementioned films, the final production would not be complete with out the collaboration of his oscar wining wife Catherine Martin.

Catherine Martin – Source InDesign Live

Catherine has been the visual creative force behind costume and production design for many of Baz’s films and stage productions.

Catherine is also well known in Australia for he collaborations with boutique paint company Porters Paints and Designer Rugs.  It is in collaboration with the latter, that Catherine has put together a new range of rugs which, influenced by the Art Deco surrounds of her second home in New York, are to be featured in the Great Gatsby film.

“This collection is the confluence of the playfulness and romance of the French Art Deco styles that permeated my childhood and the forward-looking energy of American Art Deco that surrounds me in my second home of New York.”, said Martin.

Here are some of the designs, which are for sale, should you like a little Gatsby style adorning your living room (or even walk in robe from one of the lifestyle shots above)!  I love this period of design and fashion so I am loving these designs, but let me know what you think.



Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Garden Party

Night Bird

Night Bird

Hope you enjoyed a little nostalgic inspiration of the “flapper girl” years…… on with the colourful journey…

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