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Distorting the Masters – An Interior Collaboration

I am feeling a little bit like a stalker at the moment of the British designers Young and Battaglia.  I recently posted on their faux cowhide rugs which I love, they have now taken this to a new dimension, working together with American conceptual artist and designer Chad Wys, to create their classics revisited collection.

The collection includes the Pastoral cow hide rug (Below), which is taken from Chad’s “American Tapestry” collection, and a series of cushions which take inspiration from Chad’s “Nocturnes” Portfolio collection.

I love how the artist and designers have taken something from the past and bought it into the present, or is it perhaps taking the present into the past?  Let me know your thoughts.

Below are Chad’s prints followed by the Cushions with the Y&B touch…. oh and a little bit of influence from Cluedo me thinks…….

Nocturne 109 – Chad Wys

General Mustard Cushion

Nocturne 64 – Chad Wys

Lord White – Cushion

Tom Green Cushion

Lady Peacock Cushion

On with the colourful adventure…………..

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