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Changing wallpaper at the flick of a switch – Carnovsky’s light changing wallpaper

Carnovsky's Light Changing wallpaper - sourced from jaguarshoes.com

Those who like to keep their interiors fluid with different styles may usually find that they are a little trapped by the idea of using wallpaper.  Whilst not for the faint hearted, nor probably for those looking to create a peaceful bedroom retreat…. Carnovsky,  a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, have come up with one wallpaper, which at the flick of the switch evolves into something new.

The duo put together the design for a East London bar called DreamBagsJaguarShoes (try saying that after a few sasperellas). The wallpaper contains tropical fauna and animal designs overlayed in red, blue and green. When seen in normal light the paper is a rainbow of overlayed images reminiscent of looking at a 3D film without your special 3D glasses on. But changing the special RGB lighting system to red, blue or green and suddenly three completely different images appear as a clear outline.  The design has also recently won the UK magazine Wallpaper’s best wallpaper 2012 design award.

DreamBags - Jaguar Shoes - Sourced dezeen.com

Rainbow of images in the natural light.

DreamBags - Jaguar Shoes - Sourced dezeen.com

Change the light to red and the animals come out to play…..

DreamBags - Jaguar Shoes - Sourced dezeen.com

…Change the light to green and the plants begin to grow….

DreamBags - Jaguar Shoes - Sourced dezeen.com

…..Out come the Monkies to play in the blue….

On with the colourful journey……………..

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