Out of The Birdcage

Out of The Birdcage

Christmas "homemade @ birdcage design"


"handmade in the birdcage".  - Monogram Clay Tags

The tradition of the Sydney Seafood platter of prawns and oysters reminds us that we are so lucky to have such amazing fresh produce at our finger tips.  This served together with Jasmin's fresh watermelon salad keeps us mindful of the fact Christmas falls in the summer months, and that this, as a true Brit, is something I will never quite get used too!!! You perhaps thought that Rudolph's red nose was from the cold of the North Pole, but the jury is out on a little bit of sunburn after a stint on Bondi Beach (Santa bring your factor 50+).  

So to take me back to the freezing isle of blighty I will be paying homage to the mighty Turkey (wrapped up in prosciutto!) and all the trimmings. With so much effort into the food, and last minute purchases of impossible to find toys, I set my mind to the table which I like to dress up to make my guests feel special, and whilst I suspect the boys couldn't give a proverbial, at least it makes me happy!! 


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